The Gift Guide: How to Pick Out Jewelry for Your Partner

Jewelry is an excellent gift for any time of the year. Celebrating a birthday? An Anniversary? A big milestone or promotion?

The Gift Guide: How to Pick Out Jewelry for Your Partner

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Jewelry is an excellent gift for any time of the year. Celebrating a birthday? An Anniversary? A big milestone or promotion? 

If your partner loves jewelry, then it can be the perfect way to not only celebrate these big moments with her, but also give her something to wear that allows her to remember that big event and how much you love her.

Picking out jewelry can be tricky, however. With so many styles, materials, and options out there, you may feel a bit apprehensive about picking something out for your special someone.

Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold?

You don’t need to only buy gold items. Knowing what color suits your partner best, however, can help you immediately pick out something that suits her more. If your partner has a cool skin tone, then you will want to go for silver-toned items. If she has a warm skin tone, then opt for gold or rose gold.

If ever in doubt, simply ask her what her colors are. You can use quizzes and guides as well so that you both know what colors help her look radiant and which ones compete for her attention.

Classic or Statement?

This is a very important question you will want to be answered before you start jewelry shopping. 

A great way to answer it is to simply look at what she already has. If she loves statement jewelry and wears items that are meant to draw the eye, then getting her something that stands out like the multi-toned jewels available at can be a great fit. 

If she prefers something minimal, then a gold chain instead could work.

One-Off or Tradition?

There are many jewelry options that can actually let you start a tradition. One of the best options is a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets or necklaces are bare and full of promise. From then on, you can add a charm to them to signify big events and milestones in your partner’s life.

Charms can be from the same brand, or they could be from any brand. It depends on whether your partner is a fan of Tiffany’s or Judith Leiber, or if she prefers the charms to be specific to the milestone and doesn’t care much for the brand it came from.

What Materials?

Materials matter. You can buy something lovely at any price point, but if the item you buy is something that will tarnish quickly or, worse, result in an allergic reaction, then you need to be careful. As the material you choose might be something she is allergic to, it is better to bring it up in conversation. 

If in doubt, you could ask her parents as well, as they will have presumably come across this issue at one point or another in her life.

What Size?

Size matters. From how large her wrist is to what size her ring finger is, you will simply need to know. A smart idea to avoid trying to secretly figure all of this information out is to have her give you all of her measurements and for you to do the same. 

By giving each other all of your measurements for jewelry to clothing, you can simply make gift-giving easier, and it is vague enough that she won’t immediately know what you are getting her either.

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