5 Best Ways to Prepare Your Teen for University

One of the biggest milestones today in a young person’s life is going to university. Read more about the 5 best ways to prepare your teen for university.

5 Best Ways to Prepare Your Teen for University

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One of the biggest milestones today in a young person’s life is going to university. While university or college isn’t for everyone - that’s okay! - it is fine of the most popular routes forward. 

Helping your teen prepare for university is so important, as it can dictate their options and how successful they are once they are in the program in question. If you feel lost as to what you personally can do for your teen as a parent, look no further and use this guide today:

Help Them Make a Plan

One of the best and simplest ways to increase a teen’s chances of getting into the program of their choice is to make a plan. Even just looking at the admission requirements and the likelihood of their acceptance on sites like can do wonders. 

Take that information and help them build a plan that increases their chances but, most importantly, doesn’t require them to burn out at both ends to achieve it.

Get Them the Help They Need

Just because your teen doesn’t understand the way that their teacher is explaining a topic does not mean they are bad at it. Schools lack the time and resources to teach students in the way that suits individuals best, which means that many students actually suffer. 

By looking into tutoring options near you, you can better help your teen understand the content in question. While the goal is to get better grades, this should be seen as the secondary goal. Understanding first, testing second, since this is the way that real life works.

Teach Them the Important Life Skills

Preparing your teen for university isn’t going to just be all about education. One of the ways that many new university and college students suffer is with practical skills. Ensure your teen knows how to cook and prepare healthy meals (and how to properly store everything). 

You’ll also want to teach them budgeting tips and basics like taxes or how to do laundry. While many teens know this already, if your teen doesn’t, now is the time.

Find Opportunities for Them in Their Field

The reality is that they don’t know what job they want to do at their age, but they will know what they are interested in and what skills they are passionate about. Focus on those passions and keep an eye on opportunities like competitions, classes, volunteer opportunities, and more. 

Better yet, look these opportunities up with your teen. Try to encourage them to focus on one project, job, internship, or competition per semester. It’s great for their development, their future career, and their admissions applications.

Give Them a Safe Space at Home

Your teen needs to feel like you are a safe space to go to when things go wrong. Teens and young people make mistakes, and guess what? It’s not the end of the world. A great tip for parents, whenever your teen comes to you after making a mistake, is to listen to them calmly and then work on the problem together. 

If they did something wrong, then be fair and calm about the consequences. If they are upset about, for example, not getting into their dream program, work on a plan B or C because there are so many routes through life. 

So long as your teen comes to you, you can work on growing together.

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