7 Signs and Facts About Gambling Addiction You Must Know

Gambling is the practice or activity of betting or in other words the practice of risking money or other stakes in a game or bet (Merriam-webster).

7 Signs and Facts About Gambling Addiction You Must Know

The following topics will be discussed in this post.

Gambling is the practice or activity of betting or in other words the practice of risking money or other stakes in a game or bet (Merriam-Webster). It is reported that about 80 percent of US people are addicted to gambling.

Gambling is easy because there are many alternative ways to do it.
There are multiple names of gambling addiction. For example;
1. pathological gambling,
2. gambling disorder.

The financial condition of an addicted person

If someone is in this state, he can’t overcome the thought of gambling. They know it will harm their family by its negative impacts but still, they go with the flow because the impulse to gambling is so strong that they can’t ever resist.

They will keep doing the same no matter what their financial condition is, what will be the consequences of it, and the thought that they can’t afford the loss.
Gambling addiction is not all about financial issues that the addicted person will have to face. We can see a lot of gamblers who play a lot and lose money but still they even don’t care.

Gambling as an emotional issue

One of the facts is that gambling is an emotional issue. Most people gamble just to release their stress. The logic is, these people feel some kind of stress release feel when they gamble. It is some type of obsession that will overcome your life and will ruin your life.

Gambling leads to loss of relationships, jobs, and, finances, but still be clear, this is not the issue of finance instead it is related to emotional feelings.

Psychology of a gambler

Gamble addicts have to face many issues. If we talk about a particularly psychological gambler, they are easier to have the mental disease as compared to others.

Gambling and drugs

Most of the gamblers are drug addicts too. It is estimated that about seventy percent of gamblers are alcohol addicts and near about sixty people are nicotine addicts.

Anxiety and mood swings

Anxiety, depression, and stress are related to gambling. Gambler faces mood swings and severe anxiety and personality disorders too.

Types of gambling

There are certain types of gambling methods. For example;
1. lotteries,
2. casinos,
3. and racetracks.
But these are just ways to gambling, if someone is addicting to gambling, it’s his own choice to go with it. It is their poor personality, but they blame these ways. Some people gamble on events, so gambling isn’t like that we have so many ways to gamble that’s why we are addicted to it

Sings of gambling addiction

One of the tricky points of gambling is that this is a hidden illness. Though it's treatable still we can’t see significant physical signs for example drug addiction and alcohol addiction. So, we are sure that these are signs of addiction now what should I do?

Here are some points that need to be noticed.

Secretive about gambling

The first sign is you will take this secret and don’t want to let people to know about it. Now you are just waiting for some extraordinary win.

Unable to resist gambling

The most common side effect is once someone comes into this business, it is impossible to take a U-turn. This is a sign of gambling addiction.

Gamble without money

Addicted people gambol even when they don’t have money. Their financial conditions are not good enough to let them carry this game. But apart from this, the gambol addict carries his activities. He will borrow or may sell his property and many other things.

Role of family

It is not like an only addicted person will suffer from all this, instead, his whole family and friend circle have to face the consequences of his deeds. An addicted person does not listen to his family. He should listen to them and don’t keep gambling.

Here is another point too. There are some gamblers who are reluctant to go to their families and friend and ask them for help to get rid of this addiction.

So, we should take care if someone in our family is worried and want to talk to us. Spend some time with them and solve their issues.
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