6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Someone's Life

Occasionally we come across someone whose life has had an impact on us, or we share a connection. Read more about the 6 ways how to celebrate someone's life

6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Someone's Life

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Now and then we come across someone whose life has had an impact on us, or we share a connection. It can happen to anyone, anytime. Sometimes it’s because they're your best friend's parents, sometimes it's because they were just in the right place at the right time for you to share experiences that create a long-lasting friendship.

Either way, what do you do when that someone dies?

It is hard to come up with new ideas to find ways of saying goodbye – but there are some great ways to celebrate their life and make sure they don't just fade away into nothing.

1) Make a Scrapbook

This is a great way to display their life. You can make it as simple or involved as you like. Start with an album and add photos of them from their birth to whatever period you have chosen. From there, you can add various documents or printouts that sum up the length of their life, such as a resume or newspaper clipping.

You could also write down your thoughts on how they impacted your life and get it framed.

2) Ash Scattering Ceremony

This is a great way to have someone be part of something even when they are gone. Organize an event with people who knew them, such as a picnic or barbecue, and scatter their ashes during the festivities. This will be a great way to remember them and serve as an awesome reunion spot. You can find a range of urns at

3) A Unique Send-Off

If a member of your family or someone who has made an impact on your life passes away, try to come up with a way to send them off in style. Something like a treasure hunt where you hide items that have been important to the deceased and have people find them. Or pack up some of their things and send them somewhere they’ve always wanted to visit.

4) Ask People to Share Memories

Try getting together with friends and family of the deceased and ask each person what they think was special about the person who has passed away. Write down all the stories on paper so that the person who is gone can see how much they were liked and missing from everyone's lives.

5) Frame an Item

Sometimes, all you need from that person are some intangible things like their sense of humor, their wit, or just their presence in general. If you have something that reminds you of that person often, consider getting it framed to keep it in your home.

6) Create a Tribute Video

This is great because it gives people who couldn't make it out for services or memorials an opportunity to see what it was like. It will also help those who want to remember details of the person's life but didn't get the chance.

There are so many great ways to say goodbye and even celebrate the life of someone who has passed away, and you don't have to spend a fortune. Just be creative and come up with something that makes the person who is gone feel like they have been missed. It’s difficult sometimes when we lose someone, but there are great ways to make sure that their memory lasts forever.

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