5 Unique Ways How to Market Your Vacation Rental Online

Investing in vacation rental properties can result in a steady income stream over time. Learn the top 5 ways how to market your vacation rental online.

5 Unique Ways How to Market Your Vacation Rental Online

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2022 is the year when everyone feels it's safer to go on a short vacation. If you're in talks with a mortgage lender and real estate agent about buying a new property that you can rent out as a stunning vacation spot, you are in a good place to potentially earn a lot from this investment. 

After all, digital nomads are on the rise, and many of them might be looking for a relaxing space they can work from as they see the world. You only need to promote your space outside of Airbnb and do it well so that you can rise above your competitors in the area.

If you have a gorgeous property that you want to promote or market online so that it remains booked all year round, here are some strategies you need to employ.

List It on Multiple Sites

You don't need to just rely on Airbnb when promoting your property. Sticking to one platform will not do anything for your rental's visibility. While Airbnb is at the top of that list, you also want to try other platforms like VRBO, HomeAway, Vacasa, TurnKey,, FlipKey, and

 If you want to take it a step further, you can also research which booking platform your target market spends the most time in and prioritize that website or app.

Also, a good addition to your place is to connect it with a car rental service and if your customer already owns a car, go the extra mile and provide good automotive DIY solutions to let them prepare for any unexpected issues with their vehicle.

A single mechanical problem with their car can ruin the entire vacation for them.

Take Beautiful Pictures of the Place

A well-designed property means nothing if its pictures look unprofessional or unflattering. Here are some key real estate photography tips you need to remember if you want your property to be booked and busy all year:

  • Use natural light for the main photos. This means taking the pictures between 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, opening the windows, and letting the sunlight do its work. However, there is also some benefit to shooting more artsy photos, especially during golden hour and at night, because your tenants will see what the space looks like in the evening. Take pictures at every possible lighting, but use the daytime ones as the main photos for the page.
  • Don't forget to clean and eliminate clutter! No tenant wants to stay in a dusty and messy room unless the styling and design intended it that way.
  • Use a 16-35 mm lens to capture the room in its entirety. The 35 mm zoom, in particular, is ideal for larger rentals, especially if you want the composition to look a bit tighter.
  • Make sure to use Instagram-worthy photos, especially if the rental has an incredibly cozy area and usually gets a lot of likes on the social media platform, like a hammock or a reading nook.

Create Social Media Accounts for the Space

It may sound unnecessary, especially if you've already listed the place on multiple booking sites. Still, you cannot underestimate the power of social media in promoting anything-even a vacation rental. 

You want to attract the people who are currently experiencing FOMO or fear of missing out, and they're usually spending their time on Instagram. Consider investing in paid ads so that people who like travel will have your rental on their feeds and even their Explore page.

Invite Influencers to Stay at the Property

Influencers have changed digital marketing for good, and this is something entrepreneurs need to embrace. If there are influencers in the area who you know have a lot of engagement and following, consider inviting them to stay at the property, to make a deal with them to post at least once during and after your stay. 

Give them the ultimate luxury experience by leaving a box filled with gifts they'll love-if the gifts are well-styled, they will be inclined to post it at the very least on their stories. Make sure they have a positive experience because their word can make or break people's perceptions of your rental.

Highlight Positive Customer Experiences

Speaking of positive experiences, make sure to highlight the reviews of people who enjoyed their stay. Ask for their permission to post their review, and add it to the captions of your social media posts. 

You can even ask the customers to post it on the booking site they used if they're comfortable. It doesn't matter how; just make sure to post positive reviews and experiences so that potential tenants with hesitations are more likely to choose your place.

Your vacation rental will be booked all year round with proper marketing online. Just keep it clean and classy, be savvy and strategic, and you have the building blocks for a viral vacation house that people will love.

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